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Countryside Cabinets are proudly manufactured by De Pere Cabinet, Inc. in De Pere, Wisconsin. De Pere Cabinet, Inc. is commited to continuous improvement in both their product and environmental conservation. One example of this commitment is De Pere Cabinet, Inc.’s decision to make all stained products and accessories consist of complete water based stains applied on a state of the art flat line finish system.

Countryside Cabinets is part of the Kitchen Bath Manufacturer's Association

De Pere Cabinet, Inc. is a proud member of the Kitchen Manufacturers Association (KCMA). Headquartered in Reston, VA, KCMA is the principle trade association in the United States for manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, bath vanities, decorative laminate products and suppliers to the industry. KCMA is committed to excellence in manufacturing through continued quality, advocacy and leadership.

De Pere Cabinet, Inc. has also been awarded the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certification by KCMA. This program recognizes cabinet manufacturers who are taking positive steps towards protecting the environment and producing environmentally responsible cabinetry.

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KCMA’s rigorous, in-laboratory compliance program measures the integrity of our cabinetry through five tests. These tests evaluate cabinet structure, door and drawer operation, and the cabinetry finish, making certain each feature complies with the nationally recognized standards developed by KCMA. In today’s competitive homebuilding industry, KCMA cabinetry standards are well respected and serve as a best-in-class benchmark for cabinet manufacturers.

So why insist on KCMA-certified cabinets? Because you deserve the comfort that comes with knowing your cabinetry will take whatever life dishes out.


  1. Air Quality:
    ESP certified cabinets are made with materials and finishes that greatly reduce emissions from the cabinets.
  2. Product Resource Management:
    The materials used in making the cabinets are sourced in an environmentally friendly way.
  3. Process Resource Management:
    In making the cabinets the process is environmentally friendly. Process waste is tracked, reduced, and recycled and there is a focus on energy conservation.
  4. Environmental Stewardship:
    The manufacturer has a written policy statement concerning a firm commitment to environmental quality. In addition, the facility may have an environmental management system, requires review of vendor’s environmental policies and uses renewable/recycled materials.
  5. Community Relations:
    The manufacturer has a commitment to the community through service and/or charitable giving.

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