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Limited Ten Year Warranty

De Pere Cabinet, Inc., warrants for ten (10) years to the original consumer the cabinet’s box construction and finish against defective materials and workmanship under normal home use and service at the original site of installation. This warranty is only applicable to our products used in residential applications and is not transferable.

This warranty does not apply to the natural aging of wood products and degradation of the finished appearance due to natural or artificial light, color fade or visible cracking around joint areas. This warranty does not cover the cost of installation, removal, subsequent damage or transportation of the defective product, regardless of whether work was performed by a contractor, a service company, the dealer or the consumer.

This warranty shall not apply to the effects of normal wear and tear on any product or part thereof which has been subject to accident, alteration, acts of God, abuse, misuse, improper installation, improper storage, excessive humidity or fluctuations in humidity, excessive exposure to direct sunlight, exposure to moisture or exposure to extreme temperatures. We make no warranty whatsoever with respect to accessories or parts not supplied or manufactured by us.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including without limitations the warranties of merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose, other obligations or liabilities on our part, and we neither assume, nor authorize any other person to assume on our behalf, any other liability in connection with this product. In no event shall De Pere Cabinet, Inc. be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages resulting from the installation, use or failure of its product.

If components are replaced, De Pere Cabinet, Inc. cannot guarantee that the finish of these replacements will exactly match the finish and appearance of the components in the residential application.

To obtain replacement(s) under this limited warranty, first contact your authorized De Pere Cabinet, Inc., (Countryside) dealer or distributor, who will arrange for inspection of our product. A dated sales receipt as proof of purchase is required to obtain benefits from this warranty.

Countryside Cabinets 10 Year Limited Warranty